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Lakeisha Rainey-Collins
She was six years old when an
older cousin stole her innocence,
then repeatedly abused her
The "No More Secrets" campaign is sharing the stories of courageous women who survived
sexual assault and are now using their voices to let other survivors know, they are not alone.
Jacques McNeil
Shortly after the death of her father,
at 17, her world was rocked by
rape at gunpoint
Kimberly Benson
She was five years old when a
maintenance man raped her. But
that was just the beginning
Sharaya (Payton) Aldana
At age seven, she was sexually
assaulted by a relative and later,
her mother's boyfriend
Tracy Collymore
She was violated by her stepfather
from the time she was five or six,
into her teen years
Lakiesha Barleston
She was raped at six by two
different men: first the son and
then his father
Edie Doepel
She was violated by her stepfather
and later, her brother, leaving her
pyscologically tormented
Tomeka Bailey
She was violated by her uncle at
nine years old and later
gang-raped in the military
Barbara Jean Wilson
Her mother prostituted her to pay
the bills, leading her down a path
of destruction
Jason & Lawanda Watson
Lawanda was raped by her father
at nine years old. Her story is what
started this entire movement
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