What do you do with pain, rage, confusion and raw emotion linked to sexual abuse?

If you’re Stellar® Award-nominated Christian rapper, Jason “Json” Watson, you put it in a song—two songs to be exact.

“Secrets”—part 1 from his wife Lawanda’s perspective and part 2 from his—is Jason’s way of laying bare the ugly truth
about sexual assault, what it does to the victim and their loved ones, and how to begin the journey toward healing.

Lawanda, who was raped by her father at nine years old, had suppressed the memories. But when they resurfaced and
Jason learned what had occurred for the first time, both struggled to handle their new reality.

Depression and anger put distance between the couple, that was only bridged through prayer, communication and biblical

"Secrets" part 1, originally released in 2012 and part 2 in 2013, will be officially re-released as bonus tracks on his
forthcoming album in the first quarter of 2015.

Click here to watch Jason and Lawanda talk about the "Secrets" singles and why they thought it was important to release
them to the world. Plus, get the couple's advice on how to make it through the pain of sexual abuse.
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