Based on a true story, the "Secrets" video, part 1 & 2, paints a vivid picture of what sexual abuse looks like and how it leaves a
trail of brokenness behind. Those touched by its evil tread along a bumpy road on a quest to find wholeness again.

Shot in Rochester, NY by Kre8tor Films, "Secrets" is based on the experiences of Lawanda Watson, wife of Christian rapper
Jason “Json” Watson. As a result of his decision to release both deeply personal songs, many survivors and their spouses have
been helped and comforted.

Click here to watch Jason and Lawanda's story.

Because of numerous messages from supporters telling Json how the song has ministered to them, he felt compelled to create a
visual resource pointing survivors and their families to Jesus Christ, while stressing the importance of biblical counseling to aid
in the healing process.

It stars Jason as himself and Dianna Hobbs as his wife.
© 2015 EEW Magazine. All rights reserved. Award-winning urban faith-based media specialist Dianna Hobbs has launched
the “No More Secrets” nonprofit campaign to make it safe for sexual abuse survivors to open up.