Ten days after my 17th birthday my father died of a heart attack. Two months later I was raped after a stranger abducted
me at gun point.

Immediately after, it occurred, I told my mother, but not necessarily by choice.


During my last year and a half of high school I worked at a local Burger King in Los Angeles. This particular night I had a
disagreement with a co-worker so I decided to walk to the store in the late evening to get a pack of gum. There was a
local grocery store that was closer in proximity to Burger King, but I didn’t feel it was safe to go there, so I opted to walk to
the store that was a little farther away, but on a main street.

I was less than a block away from the store and I noticed a man with a trench coat walking toward me. I stepped to the
left; he stepped to the left. I stepped to the right and so did he. At that point, he pulled the gun out. I looked at him and
the gun, and then I looked out into the busy street, contemplating if I should run and risk being hit by a car, and shot. By
this time, he grabbed me by the arm and forced me to a car.

I was actually trying to get someone’s attention. In my mind I felt like someone should see that something’s wrong with this
picture, but not one person noticed.

When we arrived at the car, two other guys were there. I thought,
wow, this really is not good. I must say, the two guys in
the car seemed to be somewhat “clean cut," not like the guy in the trench coat.

I was taken to a relatively close, but remote place and I was raped by the guy in the trench coat. The other two were
coerced by the guy wearing the trench coat and they raped me as well.

Afterward, they drove me back to a parking lot that was near Burger King. As they put me out of the car the guy in the
trench coat said, “If you turn around, I’ll kill you.” The thought that came to mind was, “If you were going to kill me, you
would have done it already.” But, I kept walking and I did not turn around.

As I walked back to Burger King, dazed and really not knowing how to feel or what to say, I noticed my mother’s car in the
parking lot. She was there to drop off the car so that she wouldn’t have to pick me up at 1:00am.

I went back into Burger King and I shared what had just transpired with the manager, and then I left and went home with
my mother. Once we arrived at home, she called a close friend of the family and she came over and accompanied us as
we went to the hospital.


This experience caused me to tuck my emotions even further away and I had trust issues. Though I continued to attend
church, it wasn't until I was 20 years old that I wholeheartedly recommitted my life to The Lord. Several years later, I saw
a therapist and the healing process began.


The "No More Secrets" campaign is extremely important and timely. There are countless young girls/women who are
suffering in silence, and who feel as if no one will understand, and who feel “dirty” and/or unlovable because of what
happened. I believe this project is going to be instrumental in preserving the lives of many and give them the courage to
speak up and begin the healing process.


Even though you have been violated, I know you’re hurting, but do not allow this to define who you are negatively. You
are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image and He has an amazing plan for your life. Isaiah 43:2 says, "When you
pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through
fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you."
If you have been sexually violated and need to talk to someone, you can do so confidentially and safely with RAINN.
Get the help and support you need at 800-656-HOPE or visit
Jacques McNeil was a teenager who had just
suffered a devastating loss two months before
being raped.

After losing her father to a heart attack, she
was hit with another blow--a rapist targeted her
at gunpoint when she was on 17.

The traumatic experience left her fearful,
struggling to trust and having an even worse
time tapping into her emotions. Today, she is
strong and using her voice to inspire others to
speak up.

This is her story in her own words.
The "No More Secrets" campaign is sharing the stories of courageous women who survived sexual assault
and are now using their voices to let other survivors know, they are not alone. Warning: Readers may find
sexually graphic details extremely disturbing
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